The Peter Pan Syndrome


So, it looks like eventually I’ll start this blog.

As a first post I thought I wanted to talk about something funny and frustrating for every designer I met out there: most people don’t take us seriously.

Six months ago I started my master programme in Interaction Design and Technologies and so far I’ve been playing a lot, our class is full of toys and kindergarten supplies. Most of my projects, or our projects, working with my fellow designer classmates, are toy-looking prototypes, videogames, silly electronic robots and so on. Right now I’m taking a course in Gameplay Design. Our goal is to dissect and analyze game mechanics in order to understand game interaction and people fun. How to do so? Playing games! We meet in school and yes, we do play board games. If we have to read tons of papers and books, learn theory and use it as designers, why not to make the process fun? Gamification is increasingly permeating every aspect of our life so, as a designer, I need to know how to have fun!

So, people out there, please, keep not taking us seriously. It’s our job.